A vivid, imaginative concept expelled from a mind's eye and brought to fruition through determination and a sharp focus on the point of convergence.


As an emerging force in the world of entertainment, Hind-Laskos Entertainment is creating, developing, and producing an array of programming for primetime television.

In addition to reality based content, Hind-Laskos is also generating sitcom and drama programming aimed at primetime audiences. Originative and inspired ideas are quickly establishing Hind-Laskos as a distinct source for extraordinary subject matter.


Bridging several musical genres, Hind-Laskos is bringing cutting edge scores to television and film. With accomplished in-house musicians, Hind-Laskos is able to create custom music, sound effects, and beats to formulate incomparable scores for both moving picture mediums. Further, already produced musical works can be perfectly paired to productions by the specialists at Hind-Laskos. With combining in-house musical creations and the knowledge to masterfully pair works, Hind-Laskos is establishing a new precedent for film and television scoring.


Housing content from many genres, Hind-Laskos Entertainment is currently developing, acquiring, and producing theatrical motion pictures. From studio blockbusters to charming independent works, Hind-Laskos' conviction to deliver captivating and unique stories is inimitable. A far cry from the usual, these exhilarating and breathtaking pictures shall entrance, delight, and fascinate a wide variety of audiences.

Kris Hind
Chief Executive Officer
Brandon Laskos
Chief Creative Officer
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